Code Monkey

Sure, the picture shows a happy guy with a guitar but I bring home the bacon by slinging code. I’m an independent software consultant working for my own company, Radiant Capsule.

Need some top-notch software-development help? We should talk. 


 I’ve played guitar and written music for over twenty-five years. Earlier in life I harbored dreams of being a rock-star. Later I wised-up and realized that what I wanted to do was play guitar, not bounce around from gig to gig in a van.

I rock the metro Seattle area with The Royal We. If you’re in town, you should check us out.


I create developer training videos for Pluralsight. Got an itch to learn some mad new iOS skills? I’m your man.

I also teach rock-and-roll guitar playing at Six String Recess. Life is short. Wouldn’t it be better with more rock? Damn straight it would.