I’m declaring “blog bankruptcy” and rolling a grenade under my previous home-grown site. Rather than slogging through the effort of converting it over to a new platform, I just went with a clean break. There are still a handful of links that people seem to want to look at so can be all found at archive.alexvollmer.com.

So why keep doing this? I suppose it has something to do with wanting to stake some kind of “web presence” in the world. I haven’t posted anything on the old site in several years. I’ve certainly had several things I wanted to write but the effort of spooling-up the blogging engine was just too discouraging.

I’ve lost a lot of my enthusiasm for spending night after night hacking around open-source software just to create a blog. It was fun (I guess) when I did it in my earlier days and it was certainly educational. But the fiddliness was cutting into my writing. It just shouldn’t be that hard. So I blew it up.

Is this time really going to be different? That remains to be seen.

AuthorAlex Vollmer