The amount of “pre-game” hype surrounding the forthcoming Apple announcement strikes me as hitting record levels. The rumor-mill is charging ahead full-steam and every techno-journalist crackpot in the world is spewing predictions like they’re going out of style.

But for real Apple insiders—folks who’ve watched this company for awhile—you know what’s going on, right? Why not get together Tuesday with a bunch of your buddies and show ‘em all who’s the biggest Apple nerd.

You can achieve full nerd-glory with my handy-dandy “Apple Announcement Pool” scoresheet. You and your friends make your picks, throw some money in a pot and the winner walks away with some coffee-money and bragging rights.

Download PDF

In my pool, we give each question a one-point value. Whoever ends up with the most points at the end takes the pot (ties split). No win-place-show nonsense. Just one supreme winner-takes-all.

Enjoy the show!

AuthorAlex Vollmer